Morocco's International Agriculture Exhibition is a platform for sharing ideas and raising awareness about climate change and how it affects the agricultural industry

Morocco's agricultural challenges in the face of the climate crisis, key focus of SIAM

International Agricultural Exhibition of Morocco (SIAM) - PHOTO/FILE

The Moroccan Ministry of Agriculture is hosting the International Agricultural Exhibition of Morocco (SIAM) in Rabat, one of the world's leading events dedicated to the sector.  

  1. Spain, special guest at SIAM 
  2. SIAM 2024 
  3. A commitment to technology  

This year, due to environmental challenges and the need to boost sustainability, the theme of the conference is: "Climate and agriculture: for sustainable and resilient production systems".

"It is an honour for me to present the measures taken to ensure the success of this edition," said SIAM acting commissioner Kamal Hidane in a statement on the sidelines of the event reported by Morocco World News.  

International Agricultural Exhibition of Morocco (SIAM) - PHOTO/FILE

In line with the objectives of the Green Generation 2020-2030 policy, it is essential to boost resilient and sustainable agricultural systems to cope with an unprecedented climate crisis marked by high temperatures and low rainfall.   

With sustainability and agricultural development as the main focus of this plan, SIAM provides an opportunity to learn about initiatives to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate change. 

It also raises activities related to agricultural value chains, supply chains, quality and innovation, highlighting the protection of natural resources and strengthening the resilience of the industry. 

Spain, special guest at SIAM 

During SIAM 2024 Spain is the special guest, highlighting its association with the Kingdom as a historical and privileged partner, as well as its pioneering role in European agriculture.  

"It is a source of pride to attend as a special guest at the most important agricultural event in Africa," indicated before the start of the event the Agricultural Counsellor of the Spanish Embassy, José Manuel Jaquotot, who expressed his wish that this edition "lives up to expectations".

agricultura-marruecos-economia (1)
Agriculture in Morocco - PHOTO/FILE

The Spanish counsellor added that "Spanish agriculture benefits greatly from Moroccan agriculture when it comes to combating droughts".    

Through numerous bilateral agreements, particularly in the fields of agriculture, water resources and the environment, Spain is demonstrating a focus on sustainability in the sector. Through this involvement, the Iberian country will contribute its knowledge and strategies for a more resilient and sustainable agriculture.  

SIAM 2024 

The aim of SIAM this year is to be an important platform for sharing ideas and raising awareness about climate change and how it affects the agricultural industry.  

The programme showcases the agricultural ecosystem, agricultural strategy, industry innovations, technology and best practices for more resilient, sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture through its twelve thematic clusters.   

The exhibition features a variety of seminars, workshops and exhibits on innovative technology, sound agricultural practices and other topics. Through exhibitions, tastings and meetings with industry professionals, SIAM also gives attendees the opportunity to learn about the generosity of Moroccans and foreign agriculture. 

Market in Morocco - PHOTO/FILE

In addition to promoting agricultural development, SIAM seeks to stimulate trade, strengthen partnerships and raise public awareness of agricultural and climate issues. 

This year, innovative elements of the festival include a cleverly redesigned spatial layout that showcases the diversity and abundance of Moroccan agriculture.  

A commitment to technology  

In terms of technology, the Local Produce Centre has also been significantly expanded, while the AgroDigital Pôle symbolises the meeting point between technology and agriculture.  

Moreover, the implementation of E-ticketing streamlines the access of attendees to the event, demonstrating SIAM's dedication to innovation and the improvement of visitor services.  

Organised under the reign of King Mohammed VI from 22 to 28 April in Meknes, this annual occasion has become one of the largest agricultural events on the continent.   

Agriculture in Morocco - PHOTO/FILE

According to the event's press release, this year's edition will cover 12.4 hectares, with 11 hectares covered, 13% more than last year's edition.   

SIAM 2024 will be a "remarkable" edition, with ambitious targets expected with 70 participating countries, 40 seminars, 1,500 exhibitors and more than 930,000 estimated visitors.  

"We also expect this year's visitors to exceed the total number of visitors of the last five editions, which reached 930,000," said the Moroccan commissioner. 

Mercado de frutas y verduras - PHOTO/ATALAYAR
Fruit and vegetable market in Morocco - PHOTO/ATALAYAR

According to a statement published on the event's official website, the importance given to SIAM, considered the flagship project of the Green Morocco Plan (PMV), demonstrates the real attention paid specifically to the agricultural sector.

The agricultural sector is a cornerstone of Morocco's economy and a driving force behind rural growth, the country's social stability and its legacy of security for future generations. 

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