The recent earthquake that struck the Al Haouz region did not stop the Moroccan tourism industry, according to the Moroccan National Tourism Office (ONMT)

Morocco's thriving tourism industry continues after the earthquake


A joint initiative with the National Tourism Confederation, the ONMT and a number of tourism experts has served to reassure the international tourism community that Morocco remains open for business and committed to providing all visitors with an enjoyable experience. 

With the help of the presidents of the Regional Tourism Councils across the country, professionals from the National Tourism Confederation, including hoteliers, travel agents, restaurateurs and tour guides came together to deliver a unified message in a video posted on the ONMT YouTube channel.  

The video highlights the continued success of Morocco's tourism industry and how all industry personnel are committed to providing tourists with a great travel experience. In turn, it shows that the tourism industry in the Alawite country continues to operate normally despite the recent earthquake that struck central Morocco and the High Atlas region, and that there is a strong commitment to maintaining a high level of service and safety. 


"Although deeply affected, Moroccans are showing strength and unity. Today it is crucial to remind the international tourism sector that our businesses are open and complying with anti-seismic standards, that we, the travel agency and the entire value chain stand in their way for impeccable organisation, that our restaurants are open and welcoming their customers with the same professionalism and passion continues and will continue to monitor and guide our tourists, and that all regions of Morocco are mobilised to ensure that each is protected from the elements," the president of the National Confederation of Tourism, Hamid Bentahar, said in the video. 


The video also mentions how hard Moroccan travel agencies and the entire tourism value chain are working to ensure "impeccable organisation" of tourists. He added that restaurants across the country are committed to providing customers with the "utmost professionalism and passion". 


Rkia Alaoui, a hotel owner and director of the Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima Regional Tourism Council, told MoroccoWorldNews that it is important to remind the international tourism industry that our hotels are open and respect anti-seismic standards. 


The video highlights how tour guides still conduct tours and share experiences with tourists. In a press release, the ONMT said that shortly after the disaster, it had implemented a series of measures to address how the earthquake affected the tourism industry. 

This involves establishing constant contact with the Ministry of Tourism, the National Confederation of Tourism and all Moroccan professionals to follow up on visitors already present in the nation and those arriving. To reassure them about the situation in Morocco and maintain business continuity, the ONMT also contacted its international partners, including tour operators, airlines and national travel associations from various source markets. 

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