The state-owned construction company decided to continue with its projects despite the unclear situation of many infrastructures in the old medina of Marrakech

Al Omrane Group does not stop its activity despite the earthquake in Morocco


Tourism in Morocco is leaving the earthquake behind. One of the main challenges facing the country is the return to normality. Although the damage assessment is not yet 100% complete, companies have decided to continue with their projects. The Al Omrane Group, one of the most important in the country, has been awarded a contract for the repair and extension of the Medina of Marrakech.

Although the actual extent of the damage is not yet known, the Moroccan state-owned company will carry out the project within the framework of the 2018-2022 Development Programme. The construction company will rely on Easy Way Developing, which won the tender for the works in exchange for 3 million dirhams. 

PHOTO/FILE - El plan Luz en Acción tiene como objetivo posicionar a Marruecos entre los 10 mejores destinos del mundo
PHOTO/ARCHIVO - The Light in Action plan aims to position Morocco among the top 10 destinations in the world

The company's CEO, Housni El Ghazaoui added that the works will also affect the municipality of Mechouar and the "ochre village". According to specialists who spoke to Maghreb Intelligence, the awarding of the works has been controversial. According to the experts consulted, this market should have been postponed while the authorities completed their assessment of the extent of the damage in the old medina of Marrakech, especially in Mellah. 

Among the main functions of the Al Omrane group is to provide quality low-cost housing. It is also a major producer of housing for the country's neediest populations, especially in underserved regions and segments. 

PHOTO/ Maxar Technologies/Handout vía REUTERS - Una imagen satelital muestra edificios derrumbados, luego de un poderoso terremoto, en Moulay Brahim, Marruecos, el 10 de septiembre de 2023
PHOTO/ Maxar Technologies/Handout vía REUTERS - A satellite image shows collapsed buildings after a powerful earthquake in Moulay Brahim, Morocco, on September 10, 2023

Thus, through its social positioning, it contributes to increase the supply of housing for low and middle income social groups and to improve their quality of life by acting as a privileged agent of the state and local authorities to reduce unhealthy and illegal housing and to prevent its reconstruction. The group is among the national construction companies supporting the strategy of developing new communities and integrated urban projects, in line with the government's plans to support the country's growth. 

The group carries out these various missions thanks to its presence throughout the national territory through its 70 representations. It has a presence and visibility abroad thanks to its representation in Paris. The achievement of these objectives depends on a strengthened partnership with all central and local stakeholders (elected officials and local authorities), both public and private, as well as on enhancing the Group's reputation as an innovative and effective corporate citizen. 

REUTERS/NACHO DOCE - La gente camina por una calle junto a la Gare Routiere, tras un mortal terremoto, en Marrakech, Marruecos, el 10 de septiembre de 2023
REUTERS/NACHO DOCE - People walk along a street next to the Gare Routiere after a deadly earthquake in Marrakech, Morocco, 10 September 2023

Tourism in Morocco is returning to normal. One of the country's leading communicators, Yahya Bellahcen, director of CAP Radio Morocco, told this to the microphones of "De cara al mundo" on Onda Madrid. Yahya warned of the true value of Moroccan society, based on the solidarity of its people. The director of CAP Radio explained that the Moroccan economy enjoys a flexibility that allows companies with public capital and private investment, such as the Al Omrane group, to tackle the reconstruction of cities affected by the earthquake, such as Marrakech.

With its sights set on Goal 2030, Morocco hopes to reduce the damage caused by the earthquake as much as possible, and to do so it has everything it needs: private capital, investment in public companies through tenders, international support, major tourist attractions and a people who are aware of the situation the country is currently experiencing. 

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