NFTs have proven their potential in the past

Platforms Offering NFTs: A look at Bitcoin, Solana and Big Eyes Coin


NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are digital items that cannot be copied or multiplied. Therefore all NFTs are virtually one of a kind. Since 2021, NFTs have represented one of the most exciting developments in blockchain technology. In the height of NFT excitement, these digital assets gained massive popularity. While the NFT market has dipped quite a bit in the current bear market, NFTs have proven their potential in the past and analysts believe that they may be able to relive their high when the bull market returns. Solana (SOL) is a major blockchain that launched some of the most successful NFT projects. Bitcoin (BTC) has recently launched their own NFT-like digital artefacts with the introduction of Ordinals. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) will also get on the NFT hype and release their own exclusive NFTs as part of their plan to expand their project and build their community. 

Plans for Big Eyes Coin NFTs

En Big Eyes Coin todo gira en torno a la comunidad. Como parte de su enfoque comunitario, lanzarán NFT exclusivos con temática de gatos a su comunidad y a NFT Sushi Crew. En la fase 3 de su hoja de ruta, Big Eyes lanzará NFT exclusivos junto con un evento NFT en la vida real, una campaña masiva en las redes sociales y una segunda donación benéfica. Con la esperanza de construir un ecosistema blockchain que genere crecimiento, los NFT se utilizarán para ofrecer acceso a más contenidos y eventos. Big Eyes Coin ve el poder en su comunidad y pretende ir a lo grande en las redes sociales para hacer crecer su comunidad tanto como sea posible para que el proyecto crezca con sus miembros.

Big Eyes Coin is aiming for a top ten NFT collection, to bring joy to the community and value to the token. Any profit from NFT events will also go into their burn or not to burn vote. Therefore, NFTs are not just an afterthought for Big Eyes but a part of their plan to expand, creating awareness, bringing new cats in and creating value.

Solana’s NFT Potential

Solana is a major blockchain and has launched some of the biggest NFT projects in the NFT space. Solana NFTs include big names such as DeGods and Okay Bears which sold massively at launch. As a decentralised platform that offers some of the best blockchain functions, Solana is equipped to be one of the top NFT platforms. One of the key advantages of Solana’s NFT network is that it is the most inexpensive chain to drop NFTs. However, despite a successful launch, data sets suggest that SOL’s NFT ecosystem is currently failing to grow. 


Bitcoin Launches Ordinals

Bitcoin has recently created some excitement with their newest development, Ordinals. This project was created so that content such as videos and images can be assigned to individual satoshis (the smallest unit that Bitcoin can be divided into) and permanently exist on Bitcoin’s network. This is not the first attempt to bring NFTs to the Bitcoin blockchain. The recent development of Ordinals has gained attention as recently one of the most valuable digital collectable pieces, Bored Ape Yacht Club #1626, was moved from Ethereum (ETH) to Bitcoin’s new network.


Final Thoughts

NFTs offer investors exciting opportunities for new digital assets. Big Eyes Coin is already building a strong community, as seen through their presale success which has just reached $30+ million in funds. With big plans to expand their project and hone in on the power of their community, Big Eyes Coin’s NFT drops and events will be exciting developments to watch. 

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)