SIA brings its identity verification solutions for high-security environments to Identity Week Europe 2024

The cybersecurity company is taking part in this European event with SIA Smart Borders as the protagonist of its proposal, its solution for digitising and securing the border control process  
Sede de las oficinas de Indra - PHOTO/ATALAYAR
Indra Sistemas headquarters - PHOTO/FILE

SIA, Indra's leading cybersecurity company, will be present this week at Identity Week Europe 2024, one of the key events in Europe with digital identity that this year takes place in Amsterdam, with its identity verification solutions for different environments and situations. Specifically, it will focus its proposal on SIA Smart Borders, a set of pioneering digital solutions based on biometric identity verification (facial and fingerprint) and document verification that optimises security and efficiency in the management of physical flows of people in high-security environments and in multiple scenarios, such as airports. 

The border authorities of each country, in addition to requiring full coverage of the applicable regulations for passenger control at the entry and exit of their borders (EES and ETIAS, in the case of Europe), need a robust and secure system that is simple and quick to use; airport management requires optimised passenger flows, conflict-free procedures and space optimisation; and passengers need the operations they themselves have to carry out to be easy, agile and in a language they understand. SIA Smart Borders provides a comprehensive answer to all these requirements from a compliance and technology perspective.

Rubén Morales, Director of Digital Identity Solutions at SIA, points out that "the solution also increases internal security, as it detects unauthorised people present in a country or area, and helps identify criminals or people who commit identity and document fraud". He adds that the system "centralises and stores information on the entry and exit movements of travellers and their data, ensuring the protection of travellers and fully respecting their fundamental rights". 

This SIA solution will be the central focus of the company's participation in the event, and will be the protagonist of its stand and its presentation and round table, which will focus on practical uses and trends in biometrics in cases where it is necessary to verify the identity of citizens. 

SIA Smart Borders is currently present in border control at more than 20 airports in European countries: Spain, Italy and Portugal. In these environments, a total of more than 460 eGates and more than 700 Smart Kiosks, two key components of the solution, have been deployed. These are some of the data that endorse SIA's position as the only Spanish company with more than 15 years of experience in this field. 

This advanced technology for border control can also be implemented for access to high-security environments, such as critical infrastructures, factories or laboratories, where SIA, together with Mobbeel, applies biometrics to verify the identity of people accessing restricted areas or areas involving danger or risk.  

The Indra company will also share at the European meeting other identity verification solutions with which it is facilitating a secure digital transformation to public and private organisations of reference; and its proposal to promote National Digital Identity through, among others, its Digital Onboarding solution for 100% telematic accreditation of identity and issuance of centralised digital certificate for authentication and electronic signature; or Smart Docs, a centralised solution for the issuance of passports and identity documents.