The Spanish-Moroccan business community holds a summit in Nador to promote collaboration in the social economy a week after the High Level Meeting

España y Marruecos impulsan la economía social en el primer foro empresarial desde la RAN

PHOTO/ARCHIVO - Spanish-Moroccan business forum under the motto "Morocco-Spain Cooperation in SSE: Lever of Sustainable and Territorial Development"

The Moroccan city of Nador is hosting this week the Spanish-Moroccan social economy summit organised by the Government of Morocco in collaboration with the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) under the slogan "Morocco-Spain Cooperation in SSE: Lever for Sustainable and Territorial Development". This is the first meeting between the public administrations following the holding of the twelfth High Level Meeting, which consolidated the new stage in bilateral relations between Madrid and Rabat. 

The meeting, which began on Monday and will end on Wednesday, seeks to foster business collaboration to promote the social economy, that is, the set of commercial activities carried out in the private sphere by entities that pursue the general economic or social interest, or both. 

The Moroccan Minister of Tourism, Fatima-Zahra Ammor, spoke at the first session, which was also attended by the wali of the Eastern Region, Mouad El Jamaï, the governor of the province of Nador, Ali Khalil, and the president of the Council of the Eastern Region, Abdenbi Bioui.

On the Spanish side, the Ambassador to Morocco, Ricardo Díez-Hochleitner, and the Director General of Self-Employment, Social Economy and Corporate Social Responsibility of the Spanish Government, Maravillas Espín, were present. As well as Jerónima Bonafé, representing the Spanish Business Confederation of the Social Economy (CEPES) as vice-president. 

Ammor stressed the importance of the social economy as a lever for development and social progress in the Alaouite Kingdom. The Minister of Tourism, Crafts and the Social and Solidarity Economy also highlighted the efforts made by the Ministry, the public sector and the private sector to achieve the objectives set for 2030, which include creating 50,000 jobs per year and contributing 8% of GDP instead of the current 2.5%. 

Within the framework of the summit, the new 2022-2025 Cooperation Programme between Spain and Morocco will be launched by the general coordinator of AECID in Morocco, Ignacio Martínez, as well as the new "Strategy for the promotion of the social and solidarity economy in Morocco 2023-2032", which will be presented by the Director General for the Promotion of the Social Economy, Saloua Tajri.