Spectacular inauguration of L'Escale Hotel & Spa in Ouazzane

With the support of the Centre Régional d'Investissement de la région Tanger-Tétouan-Al Hoceima and other institutions, the hotel represents a commitment to economic and tourism development and growth of this province of Morocco
Ceremonia de inauguración L'Escale Hotel & Spa en Ouazzane - PHOTO/ATALAYAR
Opening ceremony of L'Escale Hotel & Spa in Ouazzane - PHOTO/ATALAYAR
  1. Spectacular ceremony
  2. A symbol of elegance and hospitality
  3. Agricultural and craft province
  4. Tourist and religious influence
  5. Interview: The role of the Regional Investment Center was essential in the process

The province of Ouazzane experienced with great anticipation the inauguration of the Hotel&Spa L'Escale, a very important event designed to revitalize the economy, tourism, job creation and standard of living in the region.

Under the management of 7AV Hotels, the region's institutions, coordinated by the Centre Régional d'Investissement, supported the implementation of this major investment through all the administrative procedures: access to land, building permits, environmental impact assessment, tourist classification and more.

L'Escale wali tanger
Younes Tazi, Wali of the Tanger-Tétouan-Al Hoceima region, governor of the prefecture of Tanger-Assilah, accompanied by Faical Allali, head of the Allali Group, managers of the hotel - PHOTO/ATALAYAR

A project requiring a private investment of 7 million euros, for the creation of a hotel complex that will enhance the tourist appeal of a spiritual city of great importance to Sufism and the Moroccan Jewish community, in an economic environment dominated by the agricultural, cereal and olive-growing sectors, as well as the industrial fabric of wool, wood and crafts.

L'Escale Omar Moro
Omar Moro, president of the Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima Region, accompanied by Faical Allali, head of the Allali Group, managers of the hotel - PHOTO/ATALAYAR

For the Allali Group, grateful to all those who have participated and supported the realization of this ambitious project, the inauguration of the L'Escale Hotel & Spa marks an important moment for the town of Ouazzane, positioning this establishment as a true pillar of hospitality and well-being for tourists, while helping to strengthen the town's reputation on a national and international scale. A project that has already contributed to the creation of over 50 stable jobs.

L'Escale gobernador
Mehdi Chalabi, Governor of the Province of Ouazzane, accompanied by Faical Allali, head of the Allali Group, managers of the hotel - PHOTO//ATALAYAR 

Spectacular ceremony

The spectacular inauguration ceremony was presided over by the wali of the Tanger-Tétouan-El Hoceima Region, Younes Tazi, the governor of the Province of Ouazzane, Mehdi Chalabi, the president of the Tanger-Tétouan-Al Hoceima Region, Omar Moro, the managing director of the Centre Régional d'Investissement de la Région Tanger-Tétouan-Al Hoceima, Jalal Benhayoun, the President of the Provincial Council, the President of the Commune of Ouazzane, the Managing Director of the Northern Development Agency, the Regional Director of State Assets, the Delegate for Tourism, elected representatives and members of parliament from the region and representatives of the various external services of the province, as well as the Sheikh of the Zaouia Ouazzania.

L'Escale Jalal Benhayoun
Jalal Benyahoun. Director of the Regional Investment Center of the Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima region, accompanied by Faical Allali, head of the Allali Group, managers of the hotel - PHOTO/ATALAYAR 

The event was also attended by Nawal El Moutawkel, member of the International Olympic Committee, and numerous personalities from the worlds of sport, culture, the arts and the media, some of whom have given their names to several of the venues.

L'Escale coe
The authorities speak with Nawal El Moutawkel, member of the International Olympic Committee - PHOTO/ATALAYAR 

A symbol of elegance and hospitality

L'Escale Hôtel & SPA, a 4-star establishment with over 50 jobs that will be gradually increased, offers 59 rooms, including 6 suites with panoramic views of the Rif mountains.

In addition to first-class facilities such as a SPA, a modern gym, a heated indoor pool and an outdoor pool, L'Escale Hôtel & SPA is part of an integrated tourist complex featuring a multi-purpose hall for parties and conferences, high-speed Internet access, an Aquapark, a craft village, two restaurants and a service station.

L'Escale autoridades llegada
The authorities visit the facilities of the L'Escale Hôtel & Spa hotel in Ouazzane - PHOTO//ATALAYAR 

Agricultural and craft province

Intensive agriculture and cereal growing are the main activities of the province, which is also known for its olive groves and the production of quality olive oil and sunflower oil.

As for developed industrial crafts, wool is the oldest activity, along with woodworking and tanning. Special mention must be made of the crafts, which have been practiced for almost four centuries.

Tourist and religious influence

Ouezzane is known as one of the spiritual capitals of Sufism. In the Dar-Sqaf district, you'll find the 8th-century Sm'aa de Zaouia mosque, whose octagonal minaret is decorated with mosaics in the colors of Islam.

The Mellah district, home to the Jewish community in the heart of the medina, is one of the few ancient towns in Morocco not to be surrounded by walls.

Moroccan Jews go on pilgrimage to venerate the tombs of marabouts, notably that of Moul Anrhaz, named after Amram ben Diwan, an 18th-century rabbi who lived in the town and whose tomb is associated with miraculous legends.

L'Escale personalidades
Numerous personalities from the world of sports, culture, arts and media also attended the event - PHOTO/ATALAYAR 

Interview: The role of the Regional Investment Center was essential in the process.

Faical Allali is responsible for the implementation of L'Escale Hotel&Spa within the Allal Group. Master of ceremonies at the hotel & Spa's excellent inauguration.

Mr. Allali, the inauguration ceremony of L'Escale Hotel&Spa was spectacular, with the support of the region's high authorities and famous personalities from Moroccan society.

Will L'Escale Hotel & Spa contribute to the development and economic growth of the Ouazzane region?
L'Escale Hotel & Spa will play a significant role in stimulating economic growth in the province of Ouazzane. By offering quality services and attracting tourists, this establishment will undeniably contribute to boosting the local economy, creating employment opportunities, stimulating business activities and reinforcing the overall attractiveness of the region.

In addition to its contribution to economic growth, the Escale Hotel & Spa fits perfectly into the distinctive landscape of the town of Ouazzane. Nestled in the heart of the Rif mountains, Ouazzane is known for its rich cultural and historical heritage, offering visitors an authentic and immersive experience. As a destination prized for its traditional charm and natural beauty,

Ouazzane attracts travelers in search of exploration and authenticity. L'Escale Hotel & Spa, in harmony with the essence of this town, promises to become an essential place where visitors can recharge their batteries while discovering Ouazzane's unique treasures.

L'Escale piscina
Outdoor pool at L'Escale Hôtel & Spa - PHOTO/ATALAYAR 

Is the support of the Centre Régional d'Investissement de Tanger-Tétouan-Al Hoceima (CRITTA) a good example of public-private partnership?

Indeed, the role of the Centre Régional d'Investissement was essential in the process, providing invaluable support throughout. However, the realization of this project was the fruit of harmonious and synergistic collaboration between several key players.

The Wilaya de Tanger Tétouan El Hoceima provided support, ensuring a favorable framework for the project's implementation. Similarly, the Ouazzane Prefecture played a crucial role in facilitating local procedures. The Region of Tangier Tetouan El Hoceima also made a strategic contribution to this initiative.

At municipal level, the Commune of Ouazzane was an active partner, while the state's private estates helped to find land suitable for the project. Finally, the Délégation du Tourisme contributed its specific expertise in the field of tourism, ensuring that the project was aligned with regional tourism development objectives.

This exemplary inter-institutional cooperation made it possible to overcome the obstacles and bring this ambitious project to fruition, benefiting both the local economy and the promotion of tourism in the region.

What role did CRITTA's advice and support play in the realization of your project and other projects you have in the region?

The Centre Régional d'Investissement (CRI) played an essential role throughout the Escale hotel & spa project, providing advice and support and simplifying administrative procedures during the study, authorization and construction phases.

In addition, the Allali Group is currently being supported by the CRI in the development of a hotel residence in the commune of M'diq.

Would you recommend other investors to come to the region and use CRI for their projects?

Absolutely, we strongly recommend other investors to consider the region as an attractive destination for their projects and to go through the Centre Régional d'Investissement (CRI) to benefit from expert support.

The region offers remarkable economic and tourism potential. By working with the CRI, investors can not only maximize their chances of success, but also make a significant contribution to the region's socio-economic development.

mapa ouazzane
Contact information and location of the hotel L'Escale Hôtel & Spa

Does the Ouazzane region have enough attractions to develop tourism?

The town of Ouazzane has an authentic charm and cultural richness that captivates visitors. Nestled in the heart of the Rif mountains, it offers a breathtaking natural setting, with its verdant mountain landscapes and picturesque valleys. But beyond its natural beauty, Ouazzane is also steeped in history and tradition.

The town is famous for being an important spiritual and cultural center, with its Dar Dmana zawiya and historic monuments. Visitors can explore its narrow streets lined with traditional mud houses, imbued with an atmosphere of yesteryear.

The town's lively souks sell local crafts, especially the Ouazzania djellaba, a traditional garment woven exclusively by hand in this town.

Ouazzane is also renowned for its handicrafts, testifying to the ancestral know-how of its inhabitants. Visitors can visit the workshops of local artisans to discover traditional manufacturing techniques and acquire unique pieces as a souvenir of their stay.

What hotel services would you like to highlight?

L'Escale Hotel & Spa in Ouazzane, with 53 rooms and 6 suites, offers a full range of services designed to meet the needs and desires of travelers. First of all, the aqua park offers a refreshing and entertaining experience for the whole family, with slides, pools and water games.

For special events such as parties or conferences, the hotel provides a 300-seat multi-purpose hall, with a capacity that can be adapted according to requirements, ensuring the success of any event.

The heated indoor swimming pool and jacuzzi enable guests to enjoy a relaxing swim all year round, whatever the weather conditions outside. Likewise, the fully-equipped gym offers fitness enthusiasts the chance to stay active during their stay.

L'Escale tobogan
Aqua Zen at L'Escale Hôtel & Spa - PHOTO/ATALAYAR 

For the ultimate relaxation experience, the Hammam & Spa offer a range of treatments inspired by Moroccan traditions, providing a haven of tranquility and well-being for guests.

Two restaurants offering a unique culinary experience with a multitude of traditional Moroccan and international dishes.

Finally, the presence of an on-site petrol station provides guests with added convenience, allowing them to travel with complete peace of mind and enjoy their stay to the full without worrying about their fuel needs.

L'Escale restaurante
L'Oliveraie Restaurant at the L'Escale Hôtel & Spa - PHOTO/ATALAYAR 

The town of Ouazzane is undeniably a gem to be discovered by investors looking for promising opportunities. It's an attractive destination for the development of new projects. We strongly recommend investors to take an interest in this city full of potential, where investment opportunities are many and varied.

Other projects?

As part of the development of its residential hotel and tourism cluster, the Allali Group is confirming its commitment by launching a new unit in the town of M'diq. This new unit promises to offer a high-quality hotel and tourism experience.