With the Moroccan Investment and Export Development Agency's export incentive mechanism in the spotlight

Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima Regional Investment Centre promotes Moroccan exports

Esta fotografía, tomada el 28 de junio de 2019, muestra una vista de las grúas de contenedores en la terminal I del puerto de Tánger Med, en la ciudad septentrional de Tánger - PHOTO/AFP
PHOTO/AFP - This photo taken on June 28, 2019 shows a view of container cranes at Terminal I of the port of Tangier Med, in the northern city of Tangier

The Regional Investment Centre (CRI) of Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima announced the launch by the Moroccan Agency for the Development of Investment and Exports (AMDIE) of a new incentive mechanism to promote Moroccan exports internationally: "Export Morocco Now".

This new programme aims to provide comprehensive support during the period 2024-2026 to Moroccan companies and cooperatives with export potential and operating in the industry and/or services sectors.

All interested parties can register for this programme through the link www.morocconow.com/exportmorocconow and benefit from a customised package of services including:  

  • Market and sector monitoring and analysis. 
  • Promotion, prospecting and canvassing. 
  • Market access through product listings in international distribution chains and overseas tenders. 
  • Export training 

The number of places is limited and only the following will be selected: 

  • 250 entities with an average export turnover of more than 5 million dirhams (460,000 euros) in the last three years. 
  • 100 first exporters with an average export turnover of less than or equal to 5 million dirhams (460,000 euros) in the last three years. 

The advisors of the Regional Investment Centre of Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima are at the disposal of all interested entities to assist in the preparation of the application or for any other clarification. 

The Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima region is of great importance. It was created in 2015 by the new administrative and territorial division established by the Moroccan Administration and is composed of the former region of Tangier-Tetouan and the province of Al Hoceima. 

AFP/FADEL SENNA - Un empleado de la fábrica trabaja en una línea de montaje de automóviles en la planta de montaje de automóviles Renault-Nissan Tánger en Melloussa, al este de la ciudad portuaria de Tánger
AFP/FADEL SENNA - A factory employee works on a car assembly line at the Renault-Nissan Tangier car assembly plant in Melloussa, east of the port city of Tangier

This administrative division is rich in resources and has great economic potential. Moreover, the region occupies a strategic position south of the Strait of Gibraltar, at the crossroads of the world's busiest international maritime trade. It also represents the closest part of Africa to Europe and an important link between the African and European continents.  

This region offers great investment potential and attractiveness, which is why the CRI of the area is working to attract national and foreign investment with the aim of exploiting the territory's potential to the maximum. All this taking into account the great development that is taking place in Morocco, with the economic and industrial plan drawn up by the Government of Morocco, following the instructions of the King of Morocco, who is focused since his accession to the throne in 1999 on promoting national development in various sectors as much as possible.

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During the first half of 2023, approximately 23.7 billion Moroccan dirhams were invested, around 70,000 long-term stable jobs were created, 53 conciliation reports were resolved and various guides and brochures were published for investors and for the promotion of the Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima region as part of the work strategy being carried out by the CRI.