The "Made in Morocco" brand consolidates the automotive sector's reputation and it continues to prosper on the continent and internationally despite the effects of the pandemic and the war in Ukraine

El sector automovilístico marroquí puede ser el nuevo motor económico de África

marruecos industria automovilistica

most important in Africa thanks to Morocco's efforts to boost it. For more than two decades, the Alawi country has been engaged in promoting this economic field. The Kingdom has built up an excellent reputation through the creation of a solid network of infrastructure, industrial and free trade zones for vehicle manufacturing and the training of skilled professionals who are experts in their work.

"Made in Morocco" cars have become a major player in the country's economy. Thanks to its exponential growth over the years, this sector has managed to establish itself as the main exporter in the African market. However, its good reputation qualifies it among the best automotive industries worldwide as well. 
marruecos automovilistica

The North African country has managed to forge an incredible prestige. On the world stage, the industry is regarded as one of the most reliable partners and has therefore managed to become a very attractive market for foreign investment. This has been further boosted by Morocco's ability to attract companies through the low cost of production in the area, a skilled workforce and large modern infrastructures that are responsible for creating the best cars on the market.

Despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the ongoing war in Ukraine and the havoc it is wreaking, the sector has continued to thrive. In 2020, the automotive industry managed to produce more than 700,000 cars, which in turn generated more than 180,000 jobs. As a result, the country was able to pocket 72.18 billion dirhams from the profits generated and the export of its production to more than 74 countries. For its part, in 2021, the International Organisation of Automobile Manufacturers confirms that the Maghreb kingdom ranked 19th in production capacity worldwide. In this respect, it is the second largest in Africa.

Due to the recent global crises, the sector has struggled to cope. The Moroccan industry specialises in the manufacture of microchips and during 2019 and 2021, with shortages following the effects of the pandemic, vehicle production was considerably reduced. It reduced its global production by 1.7 million cars.

Despite this, sales began a gradual recovery between 2021 and the first months of 2022. But the Ukrainian conflict has again put the brakes on the expansion of this industry. Ukraine supplies approximately 50% of neon gas, which is mainly used for the manufacture of semiconductor chips. Several companies have already published very negative data due to the shortage of chips, such as Toyota. In its latest report, the company confirmed a 20% reduction in production. 
marruecos automovilistica

Although recent times have been difficult, the data obtained have been generally favourable. Morocco will continue to promote this industry and has set a number of objectives. The first is to increase the local integration of the sector to 80% by 2025. Next, the aim is to decarbonise the industry and vehicle production, making it more sustainable. Finally, the aim is to integrate Moroccan capital into the sector.

The growth of this Moroccan sector is thanks to the impetus that has been given to encourage it and the great international relations that the Alawi country has. Morocco is very close to Europe, which is why it trades to a large extent with the continent. Europe gives priority to other industries, making the Kingdom one of its main partners. In addition, many European and US companies have invested heavily in the manufacture of various parts for Moroccan-labelled cars. 
marruecos automovilistica

China has also expressed interest in the Kingdom's automotive industry. The Asian giant's intention is to relocate more than 85 million jobs in this sector to Africa, and the North African nation is among the favourites due to the importance of this field there.