The Alawi country has become the third largest market for the German luxury carmaker and the company reports major plans in the region

Porsche announces rapid brand growth in Moroccov

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Manfred Braunl, Managing Director of Porsche Middle East and Africa, has announced that Morocco has become one of the fastest growing markets for the German brand. In particular, it is the third fastest growing market for the carmaker.

The news has good implications for both the brand and the Kingdom, which invests heavily in car manufacturing and could attract more such companies to its market. For its part, Porsche has announced major expansion plans for its business in the North African country. The German firm has been investing in the North African country for some time to improve its system. In December, it announced that 33 free charging stations for its hybrid cars would be opened. 

The German company is investing massively in developing greener programmes for its brand. In total, Porsche is installing 3,152 alternating current (AC) charging stations in some 20 countries, and Morocco is included in this list to improve the manufacturer's awareness in the country. 

Porsche's main objective now is therefore to boost sales of its electric cars. To do this, the company has taken the initiative to include charging stations in luxury hotels and other accommodation facilities in Morocco. Among the most coveted and luxurious in the Kingdom are the Mamounia, Sofitel Marrakech, Sofitel Tamuda Bay, Syrayan Boutique Hotel, Paradis Plage and Hyatt Taghazout, among others.

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The list does not end there, and he also plans to set up business at the Sofitel Rose Garden, Sofitel Tour Blanche, Fairmont Royal Palm Hotel, Fairmont Royal Palm Residences, Complexe la Corniche and Port Mohammedia Restaurant. All of these resorts are world-renowned and are considered among the best in the world. Some of them can cost more than 600 euros for a single night's stay, with state-of-the-art systems and great decorations that give these accommodations a very high level of class.

Braunl announced the launch of this programme, expressing the company's willingness to promote the purchase of electrically powered cars, as well as an improvement in climate change. Although this initiative reflects the company's great concern for the world we live in, the Porsche CEO said that there are problems hindering the implementation of this idea.

According to Braunl, the drawback in Morocco is the scarcity of petrol stations that are either electric or have any of these systems. In addition, he ranks the Alawi country as one of the best places where the cost of electric charging is not high, but there is a shortage of stations.

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Porsche sees this as its main challenge in implementing its plan, because if there are not enough places to refuel, no one is going to buy electric vehicles, and for this reason, electric cars are among the most expensive. The scarcity of such places suggests a risk for owners of these cars, as they fear that they will not find any place to recharge, or that when they are making a journey they will be stuck anywhere because they have not spotted an electric charging station. 

Drivers may be relieved of this problem in a while because Morocco is trying to solve this problem with different initiatives. Afrimobility, Africa's leading brand in the transport sector, announced the installation of the largest network of fast charging stations for electric cars in the Kingdom. The project will cover a distance of almost 700 kilometres, running with multiple stations on the roads between the cities of Tangier and Agadir. 

In this way, drivers will have improvements never seen before in the territory and, on the other hand, those who have been using these cars for a long time and demanded effective solutions, will be able to see the end of their inconveniences. In turn, and with an expansion of these projects, the demand for these vehicles will grow and their sales will increase considerably, so that many companies such as Porsche will take advantage of the pull to sell their electric vehicles.