The new image of Tangier airport

Work on Tangier's international airport is speeding up in preparation for the 2030 football World Cup 
Pasajeros esperan su vuelo en el aeropuerto de Tánger Ibn Battuta – PHOTO/AFP
Passengers wait for their flight at Tangier Ibn Battuta airport - PHOTO/AFP

The project for the development and extension of Tangier's Ibn Battuta airport is underway. With funding of around 13 million dirhams and a space of around 199 hectares, a new terminal, a control tower, aircraft parking, delivery ramps and parking for 1,400 cars will be built. Also, the airport fence will be lengthened to 6 kilometres. 

Zonas turística de la costa de Marruecos, Tánger <strong>- PHOTO/ATALAYAR</strong>
Tourist areas of the Moroccan coast, Tangier - PHOTO/ATALAYAR

In 2030, the next World Cup will take place, which will be hosted by Morocco, Portugal and Spain. As part of the preparations, it is essential for Morocco to develop the infrastructure of some airports, such as Tangier, and to expand the size of the airport by creating a new terminal of approximately 55,000 square metres. In this way, the country will be ready to receive the large volumes of people expected to arrive on these days.  

The construction process at Ibn Battuta Airport will bring major tourism and economic benefits to the Moroccan city. Passenger capacity will increase from 1.2 million to 4.4 million passengers per year, which is much higher, based on the number of passengers expected by 2050 and following the safety conditions and standards of the International Air Transport Association.  

Calles del casco antiguo de Tánger, Marruecos <strong>- PHOTO/ATALAYAR</strong>
Streets of the old town of Tangier, Morocco - PHOTO/ATALAYAR

Of course, it will have good communication routes to the main points of the territory. Currently, Tangier suffers from urban transport problems, especially in the summer months, when most people visit the city. The aim is to solve these problems before 2030, so that there are no setbacks during the World Cup and, in addition, to continue progressing in the plan for the improvement of Tangier. At its last ordinary session, the Collegiate Council ratified a multilateral agreement by which Tangier undertakes to complete the plan drawn up for the road infrastructure and also to create a transport network that connects the airport with the city centres in a multimodal way.  

The project includes a public concourse, with its corresponding waiting room, space for shops and services and a ticket sales point for travellers. It also has an inspection area, an arrivals area, a special area for checking in passengers and their luggage, and places reserved for queuing. Outside, there will be a car park with access for around 2,300 cars and there will also be taxi ranks, car hire shops, offices of official bodies and green spaces.