During the first half of 2023, the centre has recorded participation figures and economic percentages that far exceed the figures of the previous year

The Regional Investment Centre Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima presents its summary of activities of the first half of the year with great data

Cartel del evento Doing Business in Tánger-Tetuán-Alhucemas - PHOTO/FILE
photo_camera PHOTO/FILE - Poster of the event Doing Business in Tangier - Tetouan - Al Hoceima

The Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima region was created in 2015 in accordance with the new territorial division. Composed of the former region of Tangier-Tetouan and the province of Al Hoceima, the region is located in the extreme northwest of Morocco.  

The extension of its administrative perimeter and the diversity of its natural resources provide it with new opportunities and consolidate its economic dynamics to ensure a harmonious, inclusive and sustainable pace of development. The region occupies a strategic position south of the Strait of Gibraltar, at the crossroads of the world's busiest international maritime trade. It also represents the closest part of Africa to Europe and a link between the two continents. 

PHOTO/ARCHIVO - La zona del norte de Marruecos continúa siento un factor clave en la economía del país
PHOTO/FILE - Northern Morocco remains a key factor in the country's economy

As a point of transit and exchange, and a historical and geographical area with territories rich in economic potential and human resources, the Region is considered to be a centre of economic growth par excellence, offering innumerable assets for investment, a privileged geostrategic position, as well as reception structures and quality infrastructures, with significant human and economic potential, a suitable territorial offer and a pleasant living environment. 

This is why the Tangiers-Tetouan-Al Hoceima Regional Investment Centre was created, a public establishment with legal personality whose objective is to facilitate, support and develop investment in the region. 

During the first half of 2023, approximately 23.7 billion Moroccan dirhams have been invested, 70,000 long-term stable jobs have been created, 53 conciliation reports have been resolved, and 4 guides and brochures have been published for investors and territorial promotion. 

PHOTO/ARCHIVO - Las inversiones del Centro Regional de Inversiones Tánger – Tetuán – Alhucema aumentan notoriamente respecto a 2022
PHOTO/FILE - The investments of the Regional Investment Centre Tangier - Tetouan - Al Hoceima increase significantly compared to 2022

In addition, 416 projects were approved, 90% more than the previous year. According to the sector of activity of the projects, 37.7% related to industry, 24.5% to tourism, 13.4% to various services, 8.2% to construction and public works, 6.7% to commerce, 6.6% to energy and mining, and 2.9% to various other sectors. 

The territory of Tangiers-Tetouan-Al Hoceima is the second region in terms of company creation with 5,983 newly created companies. In addition, the centre is responsible for advising 5,000 entrepreneurs and SMEs by implementing an innovative and convergent programme, implementing thematic training sessions and providing technical assistance during the administrative process. 

The training sessions are conducted by the Investangier Academy with the support of the Manar Al Moustatmir platform. So far this year, 80 training sessions have been organised, providing support and knowledge to more than 1,500 beneficiaries.  

PHOTO/ARCHIVO - Comercio exterior
PHOTO/FILE - Foreign trade

The Manar Al Moustatmir platform is now available in 4 different languages: Arabic, English, Spanish and French. Today, the portal has 2,500 registered investors and entrepreneurs, 120 advisory partners offering a variety of services and 7 accompaniment routes. 

The platform was created to establish a regional digital support portal dedicated to project holders and entrepreneurs, covering the entire business value chain.  

In the community sense, it aims to connect all actors operating in the entrepreneurial and investment ecosystem, it also seeks transparency; recording the history of the accompaniment processes. It ensures an interactive process; between the LRC, accompaniment partners and project holders, it aims to offer tailor-made accompaniment and the creation of pre-defined trajectories, and it is also an information platform; it provides data on available accompaniment courses as well as on all requests for advice submitted by investors in the framework of an updated and unified database accessible to all partners.  

PHOTO/ATALAYAR - Inicio del evento Doing Business in Tánger - Tetuán - Alhucemas
PHOTO/ATALAYAR - Start of the event Doing Business in Tangier - Tetouan - Al Hoceima

In addition, the Doing Business in Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima (#DBinTTA) event was held. The first edition took place on 15 March with 900 registrations, 500 participants and more than 25 representatives of the written and audiovisual press. During the second edition on 6 July, 200 people participated and more than 25 articles were published; 10 of them in Spanish media. 

It is expected that during the second half of the year the statistics will continue to increase and the results will be much more positive than in 2022. 

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