Más de 5.000 inmigrantes rescatados en el Mediterráneo desde el viernes

2 year http://www.ctrs.it/ old portraits We got department store pictures done so semi professional i guess?I dressed her in a spring dress with sandals for the birthday shots and jeans, a flowy top and barefoot for the casual ones.If you are going to be getting pictures taken in a studio, it would most likely be air conditioned anyway so you could certainly get away with jeans and a long sleeve shirt but then the pictures wouldn't match the time of year, ykwim?If i were dressing a boy for a photo shoot i would probably consider khakis and a polo or short sleve button down.These things are probably available on clearance since easter was just a month ago.As for having him pose, good luck with that one!It was like hearding cats to get her to sit still.She did cooperate with the help of some fruit snacks but i felt like such a dog trainer asking to sit and stay, having the photographer take a few shots and then telling her good girl and giving her a treat.We got a couple of decent shots which i'm okay with.I didn't expect to get many so i'm pleased with the effort and just one or two nice pics.I'll be picking them up ralph lauren donna this afternoon. We used the same professional we've always used.Two year olds are nearly impossible to photograph though haha.We did a few pictures inside in her studio and i bribed her with aLollipop to sit in her Birthday outfit.Then we did the rest outside and the photographer basically had to chase her around outside and get some candids.There really is no posing a 2 year old.My daughter was kind of shy around the photographer so it was hard to get many smiles, but we got quite a few i was happy with anyways.As far as outfits, it was cold on the day we did ours, but i typically do a"Birthday outfit"And then a couple casual outfits.I love hats too.It was the cutest thing.I've never seen her ham it up so much for the camera.But i think she was just really comfortable with the photographer.We got ours done professionally.I always change her and do her hair there because there's no way it's lasting a whole car ride.Lol.If you want long sleeves and jeans, go for it.I'd bring him in a short sleeve and at the last minute put the long sleeve on.When my daughter was finicky about pictures my dh would play barney songs on his phone to make ralph lauren donna senza maniche polo her smile.Just time your pictures for the time of day your son is most alert and least fussy.I always do mine right after nap!Lol

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